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Finally! A light up shoe you can have fun with as GROWN UPS!

Customizable Kicks

Have us add the LiteUp Shoe kit to your favorite pair of kicks!

Wanna display your fancy footwork?!

LiteUp Shoes are sure to open a circle up on the dance floor if you like it or not!

Remote Controlled Shoes

That's right! Choose the IR Sensored shoes for a true light show. Each come with a preset programmable wireless remote.

Send us your shots!

LiteUp Shoes would love to display your shoes in action! Email us your videos and pictures!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to LiteUp Shoes!

LiteUp Shoes
It started with a dream. A dream to grow up and STILL be able to wear light up shoes!
We are the FIRST and ONLY company that can make you custom light up shoes that you can reuse over and over and over. Every pair of shoes comes with a replaceable 9v battery with an on/off switch so you can save the juice for your favorite breakdowns. Either get Touch Sensor Shoes that flash on when your heal hits the ground, or IR Sensor Shoes that turns your shoes into a light show and comes with a programmable remote! Either way you're sure STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!
Have your ever though to yourself, "Hey, I feel like I have some pretty sick moves but no one seems to care." We have the solution for you! Strap on a pair of LiteUp Shoes and they'll create the circle for you. Keep checking back, like us on Facebook, and all that jazz. I will keep adding where we will be showing the shoes in action as well along with new pics and videos.

Please Contact Us about anything!